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- George Raft

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day At The Races II: Linen at the Belmont

As Independence Day approaches, I'm still debating whether to attend a day of horse racing at Belmont Park. An interesting proposition made all the more intriguing because the owner's box in question actually has a dress code (although my understanding is that the enforcement of said code is a bit lax): jacket and tie, although the jacket may be taken off once one has been seated inside the box.
So, although my schedule is still up in the air, it can't hurt to sift through my summer wardrobe to find a suitable outfit for a day at the track. The forecast for the 4th sounds like mid-eighty degree weather here. With that in mind, head-to-toe linen sounds about right, perhaps with a pair of spectators in canvas and leather thrown in for good measure . . .  

Take it from the top: patterned Borsalino eight-piece pie cap, 100% linen; tilt rakishly as appropriate. I don't normally wear my jacket this long - however, in this case, I dont mind as the length may help to mask all the little items that end up in the jacket pockets throughout the day. . .

Close-up: Holland & Holland jacket in a khaki/olive color, 100% linen; Luciano Barbera navy blue, brown, and creme neck tie, 100% silk; Ede & Ravenscroft dress shirt in blue gingham, 100% cotton.
There seems to be a lot of emphasis  lately on the pocket square, so I thought I'd switch things up by stuffing a pair of leather driving gloves into the chest pocket of the jacket. Motorities Driving Gloves by Alfred Dunhill, light brown with dark brown piping, 100% leather.

More accessories: Longines watch with strap in "honey wheat" calf leather;
Alfred Dunhill silver cufflinks.

Obligatory shoe spotlight:
Edward Green Malvern III, chestnut antique and canvas twill, UK 10E on the 202 last, paired with Brooks Brothers slacks in an off-white/creme color, 100% linen;
I'm not sure if the color of the twill works with the bright slacks, but it does seem to go well with the color of the jacket.  It may be worth trying this same outfit with a darker pair of slacks somewhere down the line.

All in all, I like it :-)

Happy 4th of July!

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