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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Holland & Holland: Neckwear for the Urban Safari

A tiger under a palm tree - one of several animal print-themed neckties from Holland & Holland.

Several readers asked if I might post a few of the patterns from some of my Holland & Holland ties - I get the impression that these are somewhat rare to see here in the United States since the 57th street shop closed. I regularly wear several of the ties in the fall and winter. Some are not in the rotation so I had to dig around to find those. Several have animal prints and animals sewn into the tie, others are patterned, while still others are solid with subtle patterns inherent in the heavier fabrics. All are a joy to wear (or will be) - whether on urban , desert, or jungle safari.

The Leaping Stag:

Idling Deer:

Tiger Under Palm Tree:


Personally, I really love the cashmere ties made in England. 
The muted color palette is perfect for Fall.

A brown herringbone cashmere with a trace of moss green:

100% cashmere in steel grey and khaki:

A silk houndstooth that is also perfect for fall:

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