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- George Raft

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

" . . .the more things stay the same" - Edward Green @ Brooks Bros.

          Several pairs of my vintage Edward Greens were re-badged shoes originally made for Brooks Bros.' (now-defunct) Brooks English and (still-offered) Peal lines in the 1980s. Apparently, after almost 25 years, Edward Green shoes are once again available at Brooks Bros. Well, at the flagship store located at 346 Madison Avenue in New York City, at least. The pairs that I saw on display were not re-badged for Brooks Bros., but this is a minor quibble. The price listed for 4 of the 5 pairs was $1100, with the lovely dark oak Dovers retailing at $1200.

          At the moment, the offerings include a split toe blucher, a monk strap, a full-brogue, a black cap toe, and a brown suede captoe.

          No clue as to whether the shoes will be included in any future promotional sales. One can always hope.

          As always, Edward Greens look exquisite in person.

The Edward Green shoes were featured prominently at the entrance to the men's shoe shop, located on the first floor to the rear (to the right of the escalators) at 346 Madison Avenue.

Edward Green's Dover on the 888 last in exquisite dark oak.
The company's way with a patina is on full display here.

The Inverness in burgundy antique.
Also on the 888 last, the Inverness is not a traditional full-brogue (it is fashioned from fewer pieces of leather), which probably contributes to its overall sleek appearance.


  1. The Inverness are Burgundy Antique.


    I brought home BB's first pair :)

  2. Thanks for the info, and nice pick-up!

  3. Thanks for this. Must look into it. The Inverness looks good.