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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage Asprey: The Cashmere Overcoat

Previously, I posted about the end of the first golden era of sample sales here in New York City. Quite a few people expressed a desire to see images posted of the cashmere overcoat purchased at the first Asprey sample sale - there were also a few enquiries about the Crockett & Jones' handgrade semi-brogues purchased during the Tom James shoe clear-out, and I promise to post some pictures of those as well.

I obviously have a soft-spot for most of the items in my wardrobe, but the Asprey overcoat is a favorite of mine for a few reasons. To begin with, the rich, almost chocolate brown color of the cashmere is exquisite. I generally wear it with charcoal or grey suits, although I have also worn it with solid navy blue suits. The deep brown really strikes a sharp contrast with the more somber hue of solid conservative suits.

In addition, some of the little details set this coat apart from the more traditional overcoats hanging in my closet. This coat has loads of hand-stitching along the seams, but I really like the sleek patch pockets at the waist and chest. The design really gives the coat a more modern look for a single-breasted overcoat - normally a cut that's about as business conservative as it gets.

Another detail that you don't see every day are the "surgeon," "double," or "french" cuffs with the faux links. I wear this coat quite a bit , especially when browsing or shopping, and I really can't remember the number of times someone has asked whether the overcoat is bespoke or from which tailoring house it was commissioned.

Finally, I really love Asprey's purple lining. It just adds another layer of whimsy to the coat's overall effect.

And the horn buttons put the finishing touches on what I find to be a surprisingly versatile, yet undeniably elegant, overcoat.

While the fall weather has definitely made its presence felt this week here on the east coast, its just not cold enough for cashmere yet - in my opinion, anyway. But soon, very soon . . .

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