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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Animal-Print Pocketsquare: A little bit Drake's, a little bit Holland & Holland

Exquisite Trimmings  is a cool tumblr that usually posts some really eye-catching images. Just the other day, there were a few images of a few animal print pocket squares from Drake's re-blogged from Alan See's blog. Drake's ties and squares are all the rage right now, and its not very hard to see why.

Image from lnsee tumblr

Tiger pocketsquares in beautiful colors by Drake’s of London
Image from lnsee tumblr

Perusing the images of the prints on various blogs and websites, I was struck by how they remind me of the Holland & Holland prints that my wife used to purchase for me every now and then.

Also, made in England, the Holland & Holland ties and squares had more of an outdoorsman or hunting motif in keeping with their British colonial aesthetic, but its not too difficult to see the similarities. I would not be terribly surprised to discover that Drake's is utilizing the same source for its patterns/fabrics, and manufacturing them in the same factory that Holland & Holland uses.

I'm away from the city at the moment, but I'll have to make a mental note to pop into Bloomingdale's when I return to see patterns are available. For now, I'll have to think about working my Holland & Holland squares into the rotation.

[Pictured above with Holland & Holland pocket-squares: linen eight-piece pie cap from Borsalino; Malvern III in chestnut antique and canvas twill by Edward Green; houndstooth driving cap from Lock & Co.]

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