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Monday, November 26, 2012

LuxeSwap's Cavalcade of Belts


LuxeSwap is a StyleForum affiliate vendor (link here), run by member SpooPoker. Essentially a large online consignment shop, the benefit to the sellers is the high traffic that LuxeSwap generates for its items on sale via eBay and StyleForum's classified section. In addition, the site will also offer various men's clothing and accessories for sale.

The Allen from Trafalgar

Recently, a large collection of belts from makers like Trafalgar and Ike Behar went on sale. At $25 per belt, prices were significantly below retail - LuxeSwap also went so far as to point out that its prices were even below the cost to manufacture each belt. I can't confirm or deny that claim, but the main point here is that these are great looking belts at a fraction of the usual price.

The Kensington from Trafalgar

I picked up 3 Trafalgar models for myself, which arrived the day after Thanksgiving (2-3 days after purchasing online), and I couldn't be more pleased. I went with pretty basic styles (1.25 inch widths in various shades of brown, with silver or brass-colored buckles): the Allen with silver buckle in scratch grain chestnut brown Italian leather; the Kensington with silver buckle in brown hand polished cortina leather; and the Lucas with brass buckle in chestnut brown vegetable tanned cortina leather.

The Lucas from Trafalgar

There are literally hundreds of belts, primarily in size 36 (which can be cut down for smaller waists or   have loops added if you're a bit bigger). In many cases, there's only one belt per model/style, so check it out before they're all gone.


Photos: LuxeSwap

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