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- George Raft

Friday, March 22, 2013

Forgotten Style Icons: Anthony Eden

While the former British Foreign Secretary is often remembered as a stylish gentleman, his impact on popular fashion has gone largely unnoticed. In the fashion forecast from the Summer 1936 issue of Apparel Arts (Volume VI, Number IV) printed below, Captain Eden's status as a global trendsetter almost seems to be on par with the then-Prince of Wales.


Fashion Forecast

Captain Eden's White Waistcoat

When any individual is as much photographed and as frequently newsreeled as Capt. Anthony Eden, British Foreign Secretary, and in addition possesses as excellent taste as does Captain Eden, the combination of those two factors is bound to place him in the fashion limelight. As an example of Captain Eden's influence on dress, mention need only be made of the black Homburg hat which he has done so much to popularize. And the same stimulus which he gave to the black Homburg is also being exerted by him now on behalf of another important fashion - the white linen single breasted waistcoat with small collar. Captain Eden, of course, is not alone in favoring this fashion, which he wears in London during the spring and summer, inasmuch as many young Londoners also wear the white waistcoat. But it is Captain Eden's sponsorship of the fashion which makes it assume importance as a distinctly promising item for the spring and summer months. Some well dressed men in this country also wear the light weight linen waistcoat for business during the summer, and with this backlog of acceptance it is likely that Captain Eden's endorsement of the fashion will carry it to more widespread popularity.

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