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- George Raft

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reader Comments - When You Can't Get Enough Braemar

Braemar, Stag Suede, 33 last.

One of the benefits of An Uptown Dandy is the correspondence that I receive from like-minded shoe aficionados from around the globe. The kind words and compliments are always nice, but its also quite enjoyable to communicate with a variety of people of different nationalities, backgrounds, and professions who share the same passion for well-made shoes.

Braemar, Dark Oak, 201 last.

One Japanese reader has a collection of Edward Green shoes that puts mine to shame, frankly, and he has been kind enough to send photos of his collection. Some of the models are old favorites of mine, some are quite rare, while others may be notable for their patina or exotic leather. All of them, however, are very

Braemar, Coco Suede, 201 last (1983).

Word has apparently reached Japan that I'm a big fan of Edward Green's Braemar (although, if truth be told, the first picture that reader sent to me was a 1950s Peal & Co. shoe featuring Edward Green's Windsor design - but more on that later).

Braemar, Chestnut Antique, 201 last (1985 for Berk).

For now, I do hope that you enjoy these images of some truly rare, and exquisite, vintage Braemars from Edward Green as much as I did.

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  1. Essentially looks like the modern day Falkirk with the thistle and metal eyelets. Nice shoe.