A Fine Man Once Said:

"Part of the 10 million I spent on gambling, part of it on booze, and part of it on women. The rest I spent foolishly."

- George Raft

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The New York Times Mentions/Recommends The Best Dressed Man In The Room!

I only found out about this a few days ago, so I was still pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and find a nice mention/recommendation of The Best Dressed Man In The Room in the Sunday edition of The New York Times by Sam Roberts, the Urban Affairs Correspondent. Very exciting! Of course, many thanks to Sam Roberts for taking the time to review the book and publish a few words about it.


From The New York Times:

Outright criminals could also be classy in their own way, as evidenced by "The Best Dressed Man In The Room: A Photographic History of the Sartorially Inclined Goniffs, Gamblers, and Gangsters of the Inter-War Years, 1920-1945."

Daniele Delerme Flores' self-published photo essay offers a glimpse at guys like Harry (Pittsburgh Phil) Strauss, of whom Police Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine said in 1934, well before the stop-and-frisk policing controversy: "Don't be afraid to muss 'em up. Make it disagreeable for them. Drive them out of the city. Teach them to fear arrest. Make them fear you."

He added, for good measure: "Blood should be smeared all over that velvet collar."

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