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- George Raft

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Medium is the Message: Vintage 1970s Edward Green Shoe Box

I usually don't provide links to active eBay auctions (except my own!), but I thought this one was worth highlighting because it includes what appears to be a pristine Edward Green shoe box from the 1970s. I've never actually seen one before - usually, shoes from the 1970s have either already been worn or are new with the box having long ago been discarded.

These type of wingtips/loafers have never been my cup of tea, but its always interesting to examine a vintage pair of shoes like these to see how Edward Green's aesthetic has changed over time. The 88 last used here is certainly a classic (Foster & Son was still using this last until very recently), although the waist does not appear to be as narrow a what you'd find on a pair made today. In addition, the calf leather on this vintage pair lacks the deep burnishing that you'll see at the toe box and rear quarters of a more rcent EG production.

All of that being said, the retro design on that Edward Green logo is awesome.


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