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Sunday, May 1, 2011

John Lobb Vintage 2008: A Very Good Year . . .

          To paraphrase Sinatra, if 2008 was not a good year for small-town, city, or blue-blooded girls, it certainly worked out alright for John Lobb. The famous bootmakers continued their tradition of releasing a limited edition pair of shoes every year on October 25th in celebration of St. Crispin’s day. St. Crispin, for those who may not know, is the patron saint of shoe makers.

          The John Lobb Limited Edition 2008 shoe was based on the highly acclaimed City shoe, yet featured thicker stitching at the captoe and around the throat.  John Lobb crafted the John Lobb 2008 shoe to Prestige standards - as the Robb Report put it, the bootmaker "prides itself on using only single pieces of full-grain leather, which have spent more than six months at the tannery, in the production of its footwear. The skins then spend another 40 hours undergoing 190 manufacturing steps—more than any other shoemaker uses—in the hands of craftsmen, who shape them into the distinctive, blemish-free designs that define the John Lobb Prestige label."

Close-ups of the thicker stitching sewn at the cap-toe and throat of the shoe.

The Uptown Dandy generally doesn't deviate too far from classic shoe designs like the semi or full brogue, so this was an opportunity to try something a little off the beaten path in terms of design, without straying too far from my comfort zone. This particular pair is in Noisette (french for hazelnut) oxford calf leather on the 7000 last.

From the side angle, the John Lobb 2008s similarities with the City II become readily apparent.

John Lobb's distinct heel pattern in the shape of a "J" and "L".
The shoe has a channeled sole and bevelled waist.

The classic wood-stacked heel that you'll find on John Lobb Prestige shoes.

What else can we say? John Lobb 2008 - a vintage that seems to be aging quite well.


  1. I ordered a pair of 2008 in Noisette in the 8000 last from Christopher Dubon in Paris which I think suits the style of the shoe better than the 7000 last. I can say quite easily that I am very pleased I ordered them in and I will probably order a pair in black in the same last now.

    THese are really great staples.

  2. Sounds nice! I don't own any Lobb's on the 8000 - how would you say they differ from the 7000?

    Glad you like them - obviously I'm a big fan :-)


  3. They are both wonderful lasts, each suited to specific JL shoe styles, as you can imagine.

    The 2008 is one of my absolute favorites, absolutely iconic.

    I have seen a pair of 2008 in the 8000 last in black, which was particularly attractive for formal business wear, so, in black at least, the 8000 last is a definite improvement.

    In other colors? Well, my Noisette 2008 on the 8000 last are no more attractive than any 2008 on the 7000 last, but they do have a more "bespoke" look to them. The 7000 looks more "traditional".

    8000 or 7000 , either way, stunning shoes.


  4. Jean-Paul,
    Interesting thoughts on the 7000 and 8000 lasts. Thanks for sharing!

    I'd love to see the 2008 on the 8000 sometime - feel free to send pics :-)

    Dan F. (An Uptown Dandy)