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"Part of the 10 million I spent on gambling, part of it on booze, and part of it on women. The rest I spent foolishly."

- George Raft

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Walking Tour (Part Three): A Short Detour to Fifth Avenue - Bergdorf and C&J

          In Part Two of The Walking Tour, we popped in to Barneys' shoe department. Once you're done there, exit via the 60th street entrance and walk west towards Fifth Avenue. Once you're on Fifth Avenue, walk south to 58th Street. Bergdorf Goodman's Men's Store will be on the east side of Fifth Avenue.

          Once inside, proceed to the back or far end of the first floor. Bergdorf's selection of men's shoes is tucked away into a little alcove at the very end of the first floor. Along the way, you'll see a variety of wonderful items for your wardrobe, from Brioni and Kiton shirt to Hermes ties. Simply follow the rainbow of colors on display via the wide variety of shirt offerings.

Brioni shirts on display at Bergdorf Goodman

I believe these are Kiton shirts and ties on display at Bergdorf Goodman.

An assortment of whimsical Hermes ties on display at Bergdorf Goodman

Once you've made it past the kaleidoscope of colorful pieces on display on the first floor of the men's store, turn right and enjoy the wide variety of shoes, including shoes from John Lobb and Kiton, for sale at BG.

            Just outside the shoe area is a display for some of the new models offered via Church's:

Spectators and other seasonal footwear offered by Church's via Bergdorf

Conservative business shoes, with some exotic skins and brighter-colored leathers
offered by Church's via Bergdorf.

          Exit Bergdorf Goodman and proceed south along Fifth Avenue to 7 West 56th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. Cross over to the west side of Fifth Avenue. When you get to 56th street, proceed on 56th street in the direction of Sixth Avenue. Once there, you'll find Crockett & Jones just a few doors in from Fifth Avenue.

          C&J obviously offers  a better selection than any other vendor servicing the greater NYC area. The store carries both benchgrade and handgrade shoes in a wide variety of colors and leathers. There are probably other places online (Pediwear) or better brick & mortar shops (Brooks Brothers) where you might be able to find C&J shoes at a better price. But there aren't that many places that will offer such a wide selection of models and lasts for you to try on.

The window display at the Crockett & Jones shop on 56th street.

Another shot of the window display at Crockett & Jones,
 showing off a variety of models, colors, lasts, and leathers.

          On the next edition of The Walking Tour, we'll continue on Fifth Avenue and stop in at Saks Fifth Avenue. From there, we'll return to Madison Avenue and look in on the shoe departments at Paul Stuart and Brooks Brothers.


  1. Are they a new model of spectator there in the middle? They look like the Drummond last (348?)

  2. I'm not sure if its new, but I've never seen that color combo from C&J myself . . . and it does look like the 348 benchgrade last.

  3. that pic of Hermes ties could go on my desktop, thanks ... hey can't wait until you go to Silvano Lattanzi !? which I guess because of his exclusivity doesn't get much attention on men's style blogs and forums. I would be fascinated by stories, pics etc of famous dandies of NYC too (past and present). and again, cheers for the blog

  4. Unfortunately, Lattanzi's shop is just north of the Ralph Lauren mansion, where I began the tour . . . . a glaring omission so I may need to re-trace my steps!