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- George Raft

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Tales From The Thrift: Crockett & Jones Spectators for Barneys New York

As I mentioned the other day, New Jersey was fertile hunting grounds for thrifting this past weekend. If the John Lobb Miami's weren't enough of a blessing, I also came away with these absolutely lovely spectators from Crockett & Jones for Barneys New York. 

Lately, companies have been putting out all kinds of two-tone shoes. I'm not even sure if these new color combinations can be properly characterized as a "spectator" shoe, as I thought that meant the shoe needed some white somewhere. Perhaps I'm being a stickler, but in any event, there are really some beautiful options out there if you're looking to go the two-tone route for spring and  summer. 

Personally, I love a light brown and with white suede combination. Some models will have white calf  instead of suede, which to my eye appears a bit too shiny and bright. But to each his own. This pair really displays the classic look: the tan leather has a bit of texture which gives the shoe more of a country look , and it really works well with the suede. Most spectator shoes do not have the extra strip of brown leather behind the captoe, as this pair does, and I imagine most of the white suede will be blocked from view by the wearer's trouser cuff. So perhaps this style would be a better starting point for those looking to experiment with the spectator shoe.

The shoes are in phenomenal condition, having been worn at most 2 or 3 times. The double soles show very little signs of wear, and the rubber heel counters look virtually untouched. 

A great pick-up, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I'm fully stocked with captoe and wingtip specs at the moment, so for any size US 10D feet out there, I've listed these shoes on eBay.

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