A Fine Man Once Said:

"Part of the 10 million I spent on gambling, part of it on booze, and part of it on women. The rest I spent foolishly."

- George Raft

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Edward Green: High Praise for An Uptown Dandy's "Evolution Of A Last"

I have been chatting with some of my friends across the pond the last few days about my recent blog post on the evolution of Edward Green's lasts, which was primarily based on comments made by Tony Gaziano on Style Forum some time ago. Word made its way back to the good people at Edward Green, and I was pleasantly surprised today to learn that EG had "tweeted" a link to the piece, noting that the post was "a fascinating read . . . on the history of EG lasts." You can see Edward Green's Twitter page here.

Many thanks for the kind words and for spreading the word as well - I can only hope that you enjoyed the piece as much as I've enjoyed your shoes over the years, but I'm sure that's not possible . . .

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