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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Got Shell? Comparing Cordovan Offerings from C&J and Carmina

As I mentioned in my previous post on the stash of Crockett & Jones shell cordovan shoes that I picked up recently, I thought it would be interesting to contrast the C&J split-toe loafer made for Polo Ralph Lauren with the split-toe loafer made by Carmina.

Both companies source the leather for the uppers from the Horween Company, but Carmina's offering shows off a channeled sole with a nicely bevelled waist. The Crockett & Jones shoes do not include those touches, while its retail price, at $850.00, is roughly $200.00 more than the Carmina retail price (at least, the Carmina retail price that I paid in Barcelona - I believe the same models will cost more in Paris  or via distributors such as The Armoury in Hong Kong or Epaulet in Brooklyn.

The C&Js are in the always impressive dark brown cigar color, while the Carmina shoes are in an equally eye-catching Burdios or Bordeaux color - a dark brown but with a hint of burgundy.

Really, a tough call if one were forced to choose between one pair or the other. Thankfully, since I couldn't find the C&Js in my size, I don't have to worry about it :-)


  1. I prefer the Carminas, they seem to have a sleeker last, and look like they used a oxford last to make them, which makes the tongue curve upwards (very French). I like the aesthetics of that more....plus the stitching of the apron is not as heavy too, even better!

  2. Carminas: love the color, shape and price.

  3. Carmina seems to be living up to the hype. Epaulet in Brooklyn has some special models that look amazing.

    Meermin is a new brand, also from Spain, which also is putting out quality footwear at an amazing price-point.

    Dan F. (An Uptown Dandy)