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Monday, December 17, 2012

Drake's Pop-Up Sale Pt. II - The Haul

There haven't been too many sales to get excited about in New York City recently, but the Drake's Pop-Up Sale at CHCM on Bond Street turned out to be something of a throwback to the golden days of the Paul Stuart or Asprey sample sales.

Drake's of London has long had a reputation as a purveyor of fine English silks. The company's recent acquisition by the crew at the Armoury in Hong Kong has only enhanced its reputation, as their silk ties, wool blend pocket squares, fair isle sweaters, and cashmere cardigans have developed quite a following. Surprisingly, some of the more popular men's accessories were available at the sale (you can see pictures of the available inventory here).

With so much inventory on sale at significantly reduced prices, this was a sale that you needed to make repeated visits to. Simply put, there were so many boxes that I found great looking stuff on Friday that hadn't even been unloaded and put out on display during my first visit on Wednesday.

That being said, I came away with two separate hauls that were impressive in their own right. On Wednesday, I came away with a lovely brown cashmere/silk sports jacket. The jacket featured the classic Italian 3 buttons rolling to 2 look, with double-vents and working buttonholes on the sleeves. This may end up costing me more to have the sleeves altered, but I can live with that. I believe the jacket was made by Caruso - needless to say, the tailoring on this piece is sublime. 

I also came away with 3 ties, including 2 classic silk prints. I've been looking for a solid blue dress shirt, so that was a no-brainer acquisition. The plaid lambswool throws were also a great value, and I managed to find a lovely dark blue/brown/grey/tan color combination that just looks warm.

Drake's unicorn pocket squares are all the rage, and luckily I managed to snag the only blue/red/gold color combination that I saw on display all week.

Returning on Friday out of curiosity, I splurged a bit more and came away with the cashmere fair isle vest in grey and brown, 2 more ties, and a cashmere scarf. Getting into the holiday spirit, I also picked up a creme/brown polka dot scarf for my mother and a tie for my father in law. 

I also came away with a small stack of brown unicorn and mughal motif pocket squares, which I was able to pass along to those less fortunate who were unable to attend the sale.

All in all, an amazing sale. Kudos to CHCM and Drake's for putting on a sale to remember!

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