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- George Raft

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Harris Tweed @ Walmart

After getting a heads up via StyleForum and Put This On (link here) regarding the Harris Tweed coats on sale at Walmart for about $75.00, I headed over to my friendly neighborhood store to see what I could find. I'd heard that there were anywhere from 3-6 tweeds available, depending on what the store had in stock. Several people reported back finding no coats at their local Walmart, but I was in luck at the Walmart store in Union, NJ.

Reader feedback at PTO sounds mixed, but I'm not sure what people are expecting for $75.00. Yes, the shoulders are heavily padded and the cut is boxy, but the tweed is fairly substantial and stiff, which I'm not sure lends itself to a slimmer silhouette.

That being said, I sized down from a 42R to a 40R and I'm pleased with the purchase. Of the three tweed option (Oatmeal, Grey, and Navy), I went with the Barva model in the tan oatmeal tweed. The jacket features a single-breasted, two button cut with double vents - I think it'll look great with flannels, khakis and perhaps even an odd pair of denim here and there. The shoulders are certainly less conspicuous, and while fit is less boxy, I found that there was still room for a lambswool v-neck sweater underneath.

So, is this W. Bill vintage Harris Tweed from Norton & Sons? No. Is it a fairly conservative example of  Harris Tweed manufactured in China at about 90% off the company's retail price (see here)? Seems like it to me. And unless I'm missing something, the buttons don't feel like plastic to me.

Looks like leather buttons to me . . .

And yes, the heavy wooden hanger with brass "Harris Tweed" plaque might be worth $35 all by itself!


  1. These are refurbished goods WM bought from a company out of New Bedford, MA.