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- George Raft

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Dobbs Summer Fedora

I've been trying to make more of an effort to break in my hat collection, especially as most of what has attracted my eye are perfect for summer. I'll try to take pictures of everything in the next few weeks, but thought I'd share some pictures of this interesting one first - a lightweight fedora from Dobbs.

I'm not entirely whether this hat even qualifies as vintage, new old stock or dead stock, since I have no idea when it was actually made. When I purchased it, the hat was pristine - unworn with an unsoiled inner band. Dobbs has been making hats since the 1930s, and it seems the quality of the company's offerings have varied dramatically over time.

Its possible this is a more recent model, as it doesn't seem to be of the highest quality. On the other hand, the label indicates that the hat was made in the USA, which strikes me as something of a rarity these days - I know of only one hat maker working in the 5 boroughs of NYC these days.

Regardless of the possible quality issues, I like the hat because of its light weight feel and ability to keep its form. This is the first model made of 100% Verona that I've come across from any maker - its not quite as sturdy as a straw panama, but there is something about the flimsiness (for lack of a better word) and breathe-ability that is perfect in the summer heat.

If I recall correctly, I originally purchased the hat with a black and red band. That color scheme seemed a bit too serious for what I had in mind, so I took the hat to J&J Hatters on Fifth Avenue to see about replacing the band. I picked out what I think is a cheerier light blue and yellow color combination.

I've only worn this one on the weekends so far but hope to get it into wider circulation soon.

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