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- George Raft

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sock It To Me: Fine British Hosiery from Corgi & Pantherella

On my usual Daffy's/Marshalls swing, I was struck by the decent supply of socks from the British Isles. Pantherella and Corgi are well-respected concerns when it comes to men's hosiery and knitwear manufacturing. Pantherella normally makes socks from a variety of fabrics of patterns, ranging from argyles to charcoal greys. What I like best about Corgi are the wonderfully wild patterns available. In both cases, however, I have a hard time finding offerings featuring the over-the-calf cut which I like best because, well, mainly because they stay up.

So, imagine my surprise when I found charcoal grey over-the-calf socks from Pantherella at Marshalls, priced at 2 for $12. I also found a few pairs of argyle socks that should will work their way into the rotation in no time.

Moving on to Daffy's, I found a rack of vibrant socks with a "Wales Sox" retail tag for $10 per pair. I wasn't sure what to make of these - the socks don't have the Corgi retail tags affixed, but they do have the Corgi stamp on the socks, as well as the "Made In Wales" stamp and the fabric composition and size information. Strange, but whatever.

If you have either retailer nearby, and you're in need of some fancy hosiery, not a bad deal at these prices.


  1. Any more OTC socks in UK size small? If affirmative, can you do a proxy?


  2. Hi Vincent,
    I was looking for large sizes for my UK 9.5/US 10 feet. I saw a few mediums which I think were for size UK 8.5, but I didn't see any smalls. Sorry!

    Dan F. (An Uptown Dandy)