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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As Fall Approaches, A Farewell to A Spectator: Edward Green's Malvern III

My Edward Green collection can basically be divided into four categories: (1) models that I've purchased to be worn; (2) vintage models that fit me and which I wear regularly; (3) vintage models that fit me but which I generally don't wear; and (4) vintage models that don't fit me and so cannot be worn.

Lately, I've decided to downsize category four. In most of these cases, I purchased smaller shoes because the style was rare and I wanted to see the shoes in person. In some cases, I purchased shoes that were a shade too large for my feet. In even rarer cases, I've grown tired of looking at shoes that I'll never be able to wear. So I've decided to post those for sale so that hopefully someone who can actually wear the shoes can put them to good use.

Unfortunately, I've come to accept the fact that these Edward Green Malvern III spectators just don't fit. A size UK10E, I can wear them with thick socks, but these are warm weather summer shoes and so thick socks just dont make any sense. Also, since acquiring these, I've purchased additional pairs of spectators (that actually fit), so letting these go won't pose a significant hardship.

Again, my loss is someone else's gain, and I'm hoping someone can put these to good use. Before sending these shoes on their way, and as summer fades and the days grow cold, I thought now would be a good time to post pictures of one last pair of spectators.

The Malvern III is based on Edward Green's classic wingtip design, featuring burnished antique chestnut calf leather and canvas twill. Although I remain a big fan of the classic brown leather and white suede spectator combination, this color/material combination offers a color/texture contrast that is perhaps less glaring to the eye. If you're just beginning to experiment with two-tone shoes, Edward Green's Malvern III is a good place to start.

This particular pair features the rounded 202 last. Its an Edward Green staple - and the design from which most of the company's lasts are derived. Its very roomy in the toe-box; generally speaking, if you prefer a snug fit, you may want to consider going down a width size.

In addition, at some point, I came across these vintage shoe trees made by Edward Green (for Paul Stuart). The trees are lasted for the 202 as well, and fit these shoes perfectly.

For anyone who might be interested in owning this beautiful pair of shoes, you can find the shoes for sale on eBay here. The shoe trees are included in the sale.

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