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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More J&M Handmade 100s: Deadstock Custom Alligator

Many of you who follow An Uptown Dandy will recall my first post - a look at the almost-mythical Johnston & Murphy Handmade 100s. I'm lucky enough to own a few pairs, but these shoes are becoming so rare that  I'm always excited when someone offers to share a few images of their own Handmade 100s.

One reader, John, took the time to take some absolutely stunning pictures of his deadstock captoe custom-made Handmade 100s featuring alligator skins in black and brown. Needless to say, I was floored, having never seen anything like this before.

These shoes were made in the 1990s by J&M's Dominick Dimeola on a custom last with special insoles/linings and specially fitted heels.

John also included some other pics which I've included at the end of the post, because one can never see too many examples of American shoe-making at its finest.

Black Anaconda Plaintoe

Black Calf Leather Captoe

Brown Calf Leather Wingtip

Anyway, enough idle chit-chat - enjoy the pics!

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