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- George Raft

Thursday, March 31, 2016

NOS Peal & Co Wingtips on eBay

Peal & Co. shoes aren't terribly hard to find on eBay and in thrift shops but of course some Peals are harder to find than others. Peals made by Alfred Sargent or Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers are fairly easy to come by. Edward Green's for Peal & Co. are a little older and a little harder to find. In my mind, though, the unicorn of Peal & Co. shoes are pairs made by the company when it was an independent bespoke maker, before Brooks Brothers purchased the rights to the name to essentially create a re-badged, in-house offering for the Anglophile element.

With that in mind, I don't usually post many links to eBay auctions (unless they're my own!) and I don't think I've ever posted a link to an auction that has already ended, but I guess some rules are made to be broken. Also, original Peal&Co. shoes in new old stock, pristine condition from the 1936-1956 period are so rare (roughly the period wherein the late King's warrant was in use by the company), I thought these were worth posting for posterity's sake.

Nate10184 is a StyleForum member and a long-time fan of An Uptown Dandy - he was also kind enough to give me a heads up on these absolute gems that he had up for auction. Many thanks Nate - good stuff! You can see the auction with more pics here.

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